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Information Integration Challenges for Electronic Campus: Roles of Metadata
CITA, 34-38, 2005
A Study of the Sg Air Tawar Rural Internet Center
CITA, 51-56, 2005
4th International Conference on IT in Asia, CITA 2005, Kuching, Sarawak, Malaysia, 2005
Integrating Cultural Models to Human-Computer Interaction Design
CITA, 220-228, 2005
Trim, Form Debugging Expert System
CITA, 193-197, 2005
Finger Tracking and Bare-hand Posture as an Input Device Using Augmented Reality
CITA, 213-219, 2005
On the Security of a Pay-TV Scheme of ICON 2001
CITA, 112-118, 2005
Extracting Classification Variable Precision Rules From Induced Decision-Exception Trees
CITA, 308-313, 2005
Cache Hierarchy Inspired Compression: a Novel Architecture for Data Streams
CITA, 130-36, 2005
Web Application Cost Estimation Methods: A Review on Current Practices
CITA, 176-180, 2005
Improving Product Display of the E-commerce Website through Aesthetics, Attractiveness and Interactivity
CITA, 23-27, 2005
Latent Semantic Indexing for Training Set Reduction in Conference Paper Categorisation
CITA, 169-175, 2005
Template-driven Emotions Generation in Malay Text-to-Speech: A Preliminary Experiment
CITA, 144-149, 2005
Local Connectivity Scheme Analysis in Ad hoc On-demand Distance Vector (AODV) Routing Protocol
CITA, 57-62, 2005
Perceiving Digital Image Watermark Detection as Image Classification Problem using Support Vector Machines
CITA, 198-206, 2005
Optimal Link Cost Computation for QoS Routing in Bluetooth Ad Hoc Network
CITA, 86-92, 2005
Content-Based Spatial Query Retrieval by Spiral Web Representation
CITA, 150-160, 2005
Comparative Analysis of Binding Update Alternatives for Mobile IP version6
CITA, 80-85, 2005
Evaluation of Congestion Control Mechanisms of Stream Control Transmission Protocol and Transmission Control Protocol
CITA, 107-111, 2005
Information Technology Programs for Rural Communities: A Comparison between RIC and Medan Infodesa
CITA, 28-33, 2005
An Agent-Oriented Requirement Modeling Method based on GRL and UML
CITA, 314-319, 2005
Building Location-based Service System with Java Technologies
CITA, 248-255, 2005
The Attitude of Malaysians Towards MYKAD
CITA, 39-44, 2005
A Middle Agent Based Super Architecture for Scalable and Efficient Service Discovery
CITA, 320-327, 2005
Comparative Study Of Probability Models For Compound Similarity Searching
CITA, 301-307, 2005
A Virtual 3-D TAPS Package for Solving Engineering Mechanics ProblemS
CITA, 207-212, 2005
Enforcing Integrity for Redundant and Contradiction Constraints in OODBs
CITA, 256-261, 2005
Multivariate Data Projection and Visualization in Hybrid Kansei Engineering System
CITA, 119-123, 2005
Model-based Healthcare Decision Support System
CITA, 45-50, 2005
An Object-Oriented Database Management System (OODBMS) with Simple Mobile Objects (SMO) Services
CITA, 286-293, 2005
Image Warping based on 3D Thin Plate Spline
CITA, 137-143, 2005
The Synthesis and Diagnosis Rules for Conceptual Data Warehouse Design Based on First-Order Logic
CITA, 235-240, 2005
Integrating Java Media Framework With Distributed Multimedia Database for Data Streaming
CITA, 262-267, 2005
Adaptive and Open-based Model of Mobile Positioning Technology used in e-Transport System
CITA, 101-106, 2005
A Framework for Healthcare Data Warehousing
CITA, 9-15, 2005
A Database Independent JDO Persistence Framework with User-defined Mapping Specification Languages
CITA, 273-281, 2005
An Improved Structural Spatial Query Retrieval Model
CITA, 187-192, 2005
Distortion Caused by DCT-based Image Compression Techniques on Spatial-Domain Watermark
CITA, 124-129, 2005
Fuzzified TOC Product-Mix Decision for Measuring Level of Satisfaction
CITA, 161-168, 2005
Intelligent Routing by HeuriGen: A Multimedia Multicast Routing strategy Using Genetic Algorithm and Heuristics
CITA, 69-74, 2005
Performance Evaluation of Netsync Protocol in Monotone, a Software Configuration Management Tool
CITA, 93-100, 2005
Online Profiling and Privacy: An Exploratory Study Amongst Australian Websites
CITA, 1-8, 2005
Using the Framework of Distributed Cognition in the Evaluation of a Collaborative Tool
CITA, 241-247, 2005
Ad Hoc Routing Protocol Performance Comparisons for Vehicular Ad Hoc Networks
CITA, 63-68, 2005
Building Parallel Applications Using Remote Method Invocation
CITA, 294-300, 2005
A Stemming Algorithm for Malay Language
CITA, 181-186, 2005
Information Filtering Using Rough Set Approach
CITA, 268-272, 2005
Small Business E-commerce in Developing Countries: A Planning and Implementation Framework
CITA, 16-22, 2005
On the Insecurity of the Microsoft Research Conference Management Tool (MSRCMT) System
CITA, 75-79, 2005
The Empirical Study of Augmented Reality and Virtual Reality for Computer Accessory Maintenance
CITA, 229-234, 2005
A Generalized Technique and Algorithm for PM10 Modelling from Digital Camera Imageries
CITA, 282-285, 2005
3D Visualisation Databases
CITA, 140-148, 2003
Determinants of Dynamism in Software Production in High-technology Clustres: A Study of Bangalore, Southern India
CITA, 8-14, 2003
MAS-based Knowledge Management Framework for Home
CITA, 125-130, 2003
Multi Level and Multi Language Database Coding System for Data Normalization of Veterinary Databases
CITA, 131-139, 2003
Attack on Intrusion Detection System Host: Simulation and Analysis
CITA, 256-260, 2003
Rural Women and Farm Management Insights: Decision Support Tools in the Australian Cotton Industry
CITA, 15-18, 2003
Intelligent Agents-mediated Approach for Experimental Knowledge of Healthcare Enterprise through CBR-adaptation Technique
CITA, 56-60, 2003
Assessing Social Presence in Tertiary Computer Conferencing
CITA, 199-202, 2003